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    We are experts in Xbox Motherboard Repairs to get your Xbox working again and give you back the lost gaming glory

    We have been undertaking Xbox Motherboard Repair for 15+ years. Therefore, we can professionally undertake the following repairs:

    • Component replacement
    • Reflowing
    • Reballing
    • Corrosion cleaning
    • Physical damage repair
    • BIOS Chip Replacement
    • Full board replacement
    • HDMI Port replacement
    • USB port fixes
    • Power button repair

    You can either bring your Xbox to us in person or mail it to us in well-packaged condition, and be certain that it will arrive as good as brand-new if you reach out to us!

    What We Do at Our Xbox Motherboard Repair Shop

    Here are some of the key tasks performed at our Xbox motherboard repair shop:

    • Diagnostic Testing: Our technicians thoroughly test the motherboard to pinpoint the issue.
    • Fault Isolation: Our technicians will use diagnostic results to isolate the faulty component(s) causing the issue.
    • Component level repairs: For identified faulty ICs, ports, capacitors, etc., our technicians will replace just those components.
    • Reflowing/Reballing: Using specialized equipment, our technicians will reflow or reball chips to restore broken solder joint connections.
    • Corrosion cleaning: Our technicians use contact cleaners, isopropyl alcohol, or distilled water with soft brushes to remove corrosion.
    • Physical repair: We repair any physical damage, like cracked traces or connector pins.
    • BIOS flashing: We flash a new BIOS chip or reprogram an existing chip to restore functionality.
    • Full board swap: For extensive damage, our technicians may recommend just swapping the entire motherboard.
    • Testing & validation: We thoroughly test the board post-repair to validate all repairs and confirm normal functioning.
    • Customer support: We answer customer questions, provide repair quotes, and explain technical issues in easy-to-understand language.

    You don’t need to schedule an appointment because our staff expertly completes the Xbox motherboard repair procedure in one day. Additionally, we offer a 90-day warranty on every Xbox motherboard repair. So, any day of the week, feel free to contact us for a free consultation and an estimate.

    Why You Need to Repair Your Xbox Motherboard

    Here are some potential benefits of repairing an Xbox motherboard rather than replacing the whole console:

    • Cost savings
    • It is a quick fix
    • Data preservation
    • Eco-friendliness
    • Preservation of the device’s uniqueness
    • Warranty Protection
    • It can permanently resolve motherboard issues

    The ability to repair the exact problem on the board makes motherboard repair preferable to replacement in many situations. It restores function while retaining consumer value.

    Motherboard Replacement and Repair

    Determining whether a motherboard needs to be replaced can be difficult, especially if the system is experiencing various problems.

    In some cases, previous repair attempts may have caused permanent damage to the motherboard, requiring replacement.

    We recommend replacing any motherboard that has been subject to multiple repairs or failed repair attempts. Every time a motherboard is repaired, its lifespan is reduced, increasing the likelihood of future failures. In our experience, we have seen cases where replacing the motherboard was more effective than repairing it.

    How Do You Want To Hand It In

    About Good Zone Powered by iFix New York


    State-of-the-art electronics repair in NYC

    GOOD ZONE Powered By iFIX can efficiently and effectively troubleshoot and repair computers, smartphones and professional audio equipment with affordable prices, a custom designed online tracking system, and fast turnaround time. We not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations. We offer a full range of repair services and technical support including in-home or on-site business services including wireless networking, network printer setup, on-site computer support & outcalls in the NYC area.

    Why repair instead of replace?

    Repairs are less costly than replacing, better for the environment, less time consuming (no reinstalling software and migrating your important files) and much less aggravating. The premature disposal of easily repairable electronic equipment adds even more toxic waste to landfills. So go green and save money by repairing your electronics at GOOD ZONE Powered By iFIX!

    To correctly estimate the time and complexity of the repair
    We coordinate the details with the client and discuss the risks
    We carry out high-quality repairs according to the wishes of the customer


      What are the costs associated with the repair?

      Costs vary depending on the specific issue and repair required. However, the initial diagnosis and minor repairs cost less than the one for complex fixes like chip replacement.

      How long will the repair take?

      All repairs take a few hours. Simple soldering repairs take a few hours to one business day generally. However, extensive component-level work can take longer.

      What are the chances of success?

      With Lasting Trend’s experienced repair technicians, success rates for most Xbox motherboard repairs are 95%. However, replacement may be advisable in rare cases where damage is too extensive.

      What are the symptoms of a faulty Xbox motherboard?

      The symptoms include not powering on, graphics glitches, freezing, overheating, HDMI issues, disc drive errors, and controller sync issues.


      High quality Xbox repair, computer repair, laptop repair and data recovery services in New York City.

      At iFIX New York, we provide professional, reliable and fast service at reasonable prices. Serving New York City since 2008, iFIX New York specializes in all aspects of electronic repair. With certified repair specialists trained in integrated circuit board repair and one of the few clean hoods in the five boroughs, iFIX New York can diagnose and repair devices most shops can’t.

      And we stand behind our work. All repairs and upgrades are backed by our 90-day guarantee. If anything goes wrong, bring it back and we’ll make it right.

      Why repair instead of replace?

      The U.S trashes 300 to 400 million electronic items annually. Only 2% of computers will be used by a second owner. And these problems are much greater in New York City where the cost to remove trash is well over $2 billion annually. Yes, that’s Billions with a B.

      But there’s a bigger issue.

      The impact to our environment is irreparable. Sure, we can recycle electronics (though less than 20% are each year), but the environmental impact of continuously mining and refining the materials that go into our devices is devastating. And New York City’s trash is carted hundreds of miles for disposal so the impact of trashing your phone is even greater!

      Repair your phones and gadgets: your children and grandchildren will thank you.



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