Service NameEstimated PriceTimeNote
OS Reinstallfrom $1503-4 h(w/o HDD/SSD)
Laptop Screen Replacementfrom $2751-3 days
Laptop Keyboard Replacementfrom $1501-3 days
Laptop Hinge/Back Cover Replacementfrom $1901-3 days
Laptop Battery Replacementfrom $1401-3 days
Laptop Motherboard Repairfrom $2501-3 days
Laptop Power Jack Repairfrom $2751-3 days
Laptop Water Damage Repairfrom $2751-3 days
Data Recovery (Soft)from $3001 day
Data Recovery (Hard)from $10001 day
Data Transferfrom $1001 day
DJ Equipment Repairfrom $1751-3 days
Vintage Audio Equipment Repairfrom $1951-3 days
Headphones Repairfrom $851-3 days
Misc. Repairfrom $751-3 days
xBox, PS5 HDMI replacementfrom $1951-3 days
Controller Repairfrom $751-3 days
Apple Watch Screen Glue$951 day(if the screen, battery and the rest is fine)
Rare / Uncommon Device Diagnostic Fee$751 day
Desktop / Gaming Computer Diagnostic Fee $751 day
Rush / Same Day Service $951 day
Soldering $951 day
Outcall $175n/a+tax First Hour, then $95, minimum 2h


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