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    We have been undertaking PlayStation hard drive replacement for 15+ years. Therefore, we can replace hard drives seamlessly for the following PlayStation versions: 

    • PlayStation (PS1) 
    • PlayStation 2 (PS2) 
    • PlayStation 3 (PS3) 
    • PlayStation Portable (PSP) 
    • PlayStation Vita 
    • PlayStation 4 (PS4) 
    • PlayStation 4 Pro 
    • PlayStation 5 (PS5)
    • PlayStation VR
    • PSOne, Slim models, and others

    You can either bring your PlayStation to us in person or mail it to us in well-packaged condition, and be certain that it will arrive brand-new if you contact us!

    What Kind of Tasks Completed at Our PlayStation Hard Drive Replacement Shop?

    Here are some of the key tasks completed at our PlayStation hard drive replacement shop:

    • Data backup: We safely back up your game data, profiles, and saves before performing work.
    • Hard drive removal: We cautiously open the PlayStation casing and remove the old hard drive. 
    • Installation of replacement drives: We install high-quality solid-state or hybrid replacement PS hard drives. Options range from 500GB to 2TB.
    • Data transfer: Any data backups get transferred to your new replacement hard drive after installation.
    • Testing and verification: We thoroughly test the console to verify the new hard drive is detected and working correctly. 
    • System software updates: We download and install the latest PlayStation system software on the new drive.
    • Cleaning and reassembly: We clean the console, reapply the thermal paste, and reattach the casing using the proper tools.
    • Customer support: We provide customer support for using the console with the new hard drive.

    Our team professionally handles the entire PS hard drive replacement process on the same day, and you do not need an appointment. Also, we provide a 90-day warranty on all PS hard drive replacements. Please call us for free consultation and estimates any day of the week.

    Why Do You Need to Replace Your PlayStation’s Hard Drive?

    Here are some common reasons you may need to replace the hard drive on your PlayStation console:

    • Overheating console
    • Insufficient storage space
    • PS hard drive upgrade
    • Frequent crashing/errors
    • Failed drive
    • Damaged sectors
    • Console won’t boot

    Replacing an old or damaged hard drive can breathe new life into a PlayStation and resolve common issues to get your console running like new again.

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    Why repair instead of replace?

    Repairs are less costly than replacing, better for the environment, less time consuming (no reinstalling software and migrating your important files) and much less aggravating. The premature disposal of easily repairable electronic equipment adds even more toxic waste to landfills. So go green and save money by repairing your electronics at iFix New York!

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      Will I lose all my game data if you replace my PS hard drive?

      No, we will back up your data and profiles before replacing the hard drive, especially during a PlayStation hard drive upgrade.

      Is it difficult to replace a hard drive yourself?

      We recommend having our professional team handle it because we have the proper tools, techniques, and testing equipment.

      What brands of hard drives do you use for replacements?

      We use only reputable high-performance brands like Sony, Samsung, Western Digital, and Seagate.


      High quality PlayStation repair, computer repair, laptop repair and data recovery services in New York City.

      At iFIX New York, we provide professional, reliable and fast service at reasonable prices. Serving New York City since 2008, iFIX New York specializes in all aspects of electronic repair. With certified repair specialists trained in integrated circuit board repair and one of the few clean hoods in the five boroughs, iFIX New York can diagnose and repair devices most shops can’t.

      And we stand behind our work. All repairs and upgrades are backed by our 90-day guarantee. If anything goes wrong, bring it back and we’ll make it right.

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